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How to fit a groovy bed in your Type 2.

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Trying to fit one of these babies can be a real pain, the photo's below have come from volksworld and the fitting is based on a bed bought from Bluebird
Customs( +44 (0)1254 888416). The bed folds out like the ones used by Westfalia, flat and level with the rear panel above the engine.
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Hold the back strut level with the
rear panel above the engine, mark
this up in line with the lower struts
of the bed.
Type 2

Drill the strut.

Type 2
With the frame in place, put the kick panel 8 inches from the bootom of the wheel arch.
Type 2

All bolts holes have been handily numbered.

Type 2
Hold on there :)
Think very carefully before drilling the holes in the rear panel. The petrol tank is just behind, so take it real steady and make sure you're drilling in the right place.
Type 2

Make sure the kick panel is square and that everything appears to be working OK. Drill through the wheel arches and bolt it down.                

Type 2
The bed in normal position.
Type 2

The bed in the down position.

Type 2
Drill the floor and fix with self
tapping screws.
Type 2

Done and dusted.
Add your foam and
and your away...

Type 2